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This is about the ugly dog named Boo! He is owned by Irene Ahn who works for Facebook. P.S He is not cute and I started the death rumour about Boo (more like Poo)! Boo is supposed to be the cutest (ugliest) dog (no offense to him). It's his owner's fault that she made him look like a teddy bear. It's not good to make a normal dog like that walk around in human like clothes. We wear them because we have to, but dogs? Not so much. If people like to keep dogs for decor like a stuffed animal or something, fine, get a real toy then, but if you don't like to think that dogs are supposed to be loved for the way they are, then back off, you don't deserve to have a loving dog by your side. And anyways think from Boo's perspective, think about how you are being forced to grow an afro, then it's cut to make it look like an egg. I mean you SERIOUSLY think that is CUTE? Before you start screaming in your head how wrong I am about this, think again and again about what I said. If you still don't get it then you are very insensitive.

This is the best way to know that there are other people in this world who know what you are thinking about this dog. Don't feel frustrated about it, there are people who just aren't crazy over dogs wearing human clothes and weird haircuts. Boo would be nice if he was just a plain ol' pomeranian.

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